The Lidstorian was first produced in 1978 and it was last issued in November 2002 having reached edition 64.

The Lidstorian was a bi-annual newsletter that we published and sent to all registered members of the Society. It contained news and articles of historical interest to all Lidstones and associated families, and had contributions from our 'cousins' in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Copies of all the Lidstorians are kept in the archives at Ledstone Farm.

Examples of some of the many articles are:

  • Thomas Lidstone - Highwayman - 1761
  • Harold Lidstone of Prince Edward Is. dies aged 102
  • A Buffalo Hunter in the Family
  • The First Lidstone to visit Australia
  • Memories of the Lidstone Boat Yard, Dartmouth
When the Lidstorian ceased an occasional newsletter was produced and emailed around the world to current members. In 2014, a News page was added to this site to replace the historical parts of the newsletter and to provide a place for Lidstone related articles.